Welcome to the Darker Colours project page!

Maybe you've been thinking this site has been silently drifted into digital nirvana, but now - after more than a year of inactivity - we're finally back. Sorry for keep you waiting so long.

We've been through changes with the project and it took us a long time to record and mix the songs of Resurrection. But now, here they are, six songs of my past days, finally available for download on this site.

Maybe you already noticed: I'm talking of "us" and "we" all the time. This is because Darker Colours changed from a mere online project to some kind of real band.
So, since Resurrection now has been kind of finished, we're planning to write new songs and do more recordings during the next year(s). Everything we finished will find it's way to this site (hopefully) for your pleasure. However, there's no need to like our music - it's just fun meeting frequently to jam, write and record, so we keep it up to see where it's going to take us.

So, feel free to take a look around here and have fun!
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